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Eminere Horology


About Eminere

Time is the true form of luxury as it is both finite and infinite, each of us owes the same hours per day ...

EMINERE represents a relaxed and memorable commonplace for watch trading, conversation and appreciation regardless of rarity and price.

Our story traces back to an interest in well-crafted utility objects that embodies quality and history. We never knew that a watch community meet-up would lead to the inception of this platform while both of us learnt our lessons over the past few years across trade, art and architecture.

Started as enthusiasts and slowly developed our interest into a business, we discovered a significant gap between the public demand and a curated service towards assisting each client to develop their unique collection of watches.

This process allows us to meet audiences from diverse demographics, nurturing relationships among communities and most importantly - a platform where watches and lifestyle culminate with hand-picked editorial and photography.


five major principles


Less is more.
The inherent focus on the quality of our products than fast ‘fashion’. We spent time to study, read and understand the background of each watch before placing in our inventory.


Trust and confidence.
Time encapsulates memories and relationships are nurtured.


Clarity and sincerity.
We execute our service with a relaxed, nonetheless utmost attentive towards minor details.


Physical and sentimental.
We understand each timepiece goes beyond the physical skin of its owner.


Beyond pure business.
An ongoing dialogue evolving with your collection.

+61 472 676 828
+61 426 148 975


Level 2,
121-125 Cremorne St
Cremorne Victoria 3121

Strictly by appointment only

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