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Our in-house service provides a wide range of choices to look after your piece and each requires a different process.

Wearing a great watch is no different to having a great relationship. It requires care and maintenance to not fall out of place. We are very particular in the way we service each piece to maintain its best state with utmost efficiency and turn-around time. Our watchmaker team consists of ex-Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and Jaeger LeCoultre team and each person carries their expertise in various different fields.

Whether you are an experienced collector or a casual wearer, we will accompany you on the best journey for watch maintenance and service according to your circumstance. Simply tell us what pieces you would like us to look after and another coffee’s on us, maybe not next to the watchmaker bench ...

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General Health Check

Including Timegrapher Record, Regulation, Water Test, Pressure Test

We suggest performing mechanical regulation and maintenance every 36 - 50 months for both modern and vintage timepieces to ensure time-keeping, parts and movement condition.

Our watchmaker will perform necessary tests to determine the areas that require specific attention.

Additional 12-Months Complimentary Mechanical Warranty offered after each general health check.


We offer both general polish including full case and bracelet to bring your beloved timepiece back to the very first day. Each timepiece requires a tailored treatment and we work with you to specify which part to be polished and left as is.

Repair and Restoration

Whether it is running loose, a faulty part or a significant rehaul is required to bring the timepiece to life again, we are always equipped wth both local and overseas experts specialised in different areas to tackle respective fields.

We actively source parts and accessories to ensure a range of iconic models are covered when neccessary.

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